The Danish Immigrant Wall of Honor

Many of the 360,000+ Danish immigrants who left their homeland for a new life in the United States are recognized on The Danish Immigrant Wall of Honor at the Museum of Danish America. An alphabetical index of the immigrants appearing on The Danish Immigrant Wall of Honor is current through MARCH 20, 2024.  Donor provides the year(s) of immigration as well as the city & state representing the principal location of residence.

The Wall of Honor provides families and friends with a way to memorialize those who immigrated to America from Denmark. To date, over 4,400 immigrants are recognized on this memory wall. Their stories contribute to the growing repository of family histories at the museum and its Genealogy Center. The museum occasionally shares and interprets these stories in exhibits.

You, too, can add your name or that of an ancestor to the Wall. To register names, please submit your contribution of $250 per name* with as much information as you can provide on the Wall of Honor Immigrant Information Form.      

DEADLINE for next engraving
MAY 3, 2024

By making a contribution to the Wall of Honor, you will be helping the museum continue to preserve and share the stories of Danish immigration and Danish-American experience.

*Please note: Names must be limited to 40 characters, including spaces. No titles may be used. Married couples will share one plaque unless otherwise specified. For assistance or questions please contact Deb Christensen Larsen by telephone at 712.764.7001 or e-mail at