The stories of the immigrants, some happy, some sad, and all of them fascinating, are told here through pictures and documents from the everyday life and special occasions of Danish immigrants to America.

Each year the Museum of Danish America's Genealogy Center displays a photo exhibit in the lobby. These have now been made available online in Viewed Through the Lens: Visual Resources. Among the many interesting exhibitions are G is for Generations, In Service to County, New and Old and Immigrant Babes! All exhibits here were on view between 2004 and 2011. The photographs came from museum members and the Genealogy Center collection.

Another exciting new category is Primary Sources, in which we show you not only original documents found in our collections, such as marriage or birth certificates, but also how to use them as research tools.

Viewed Through the Lens: Visual Resources is both a teaching aid and an online exhibition on its own, showcasing many of the fascinating image resources in the collections of the Museum and, most especially, of the Genealogy Center.

William Cecil Savage and Lillian Johanne Petersen Larsen -- 62 years Warren Jacobsen and Gudrun Pedersen -- 67 years Jens Ahlman Simonsen and Johanna Marie Thomsen -- 63 years James Nelson and Esther Lindstrom -- 62 years Jens Christian Abildtrup and Else Marie Pedersen -- 54 years John Edward Vithen and Jessie May Roberts -- 67 years Jorgen “Mike” Nielsen and Greta Mortensen -- 66 years Jørgen ”George” Johansen Damm and Madsine Madsen -- 51 years Jørgen Knudsen and Marie Margrethe Eriksen -- 57 years Kjer Christensen and Loretta Nielsen -- 62 years Knud Christian Nelson and Anna Marie Leistad -- 64 years Lars Christian Jensen and Jensine Wilhelmine Jensen -- 59 years Lars Kloster Madsen and Kirsten Christensen -- 51 years Marius Christensen and Marie Rasmussen -- 53 years Nels Peter Jorgensen and Nelsine ‘Sina’ Marie Nielsen -- 60+ years Otto Hoiberg and Dagmar Bovbjerg -- 63 years Paul Møller Larsen and Johanne Thomsen -- 65 years Peder Johansen Jørgensen/Peter J. Johnson and Anna Petra Christensen -- 54 years Peder P. Nielsen and Bodil Marie Nicoline Kristine Poulsen -- 57 years Peter Christian Sorensen and Mette Christensen Møller -- 50 years Rasmus Johansen and Ane Elisabeth Pedersen -- 51 years Rasmus Petersen and Maren Kirstine Rasmussen -- 57 years Severin “Sev” Brockner Sorensen and Lilly Helena Jorgensen -- 66 years Egil S. Povelsen and Lisbeth Heede -- 50+ years Allen Ivan Peters and Harriet Simonsen -- 63 years Anders Hansen and Anne Marie Jensen -- 55 years Andreas Nielsen and Karen Margrethe Gravesen -- 50 years Andrew Moller Christensen and Inger Marie Riis -- 50 years Carl Christian “Chris” Fuglsang and Dorthea Carlsen -- 60 years Carl Frederik Lynge and Anna J. Nielsen Schjødt -- 54 years Christian Lauritz Lange and Sarah Petersen -- 59 years Christoffer Jensen and Karoline Rasmussen -- 60 years Ed Jensen and Johanne Marie Jensen -- 58 years Edmund Planck and Esther Hansen -- 62 years Adolph Theadore Jepsen and Lorena Myrtle Boletta Nelson -- 68 years Egon Simonsen and Alice Jacobsen -- 59 years Gerhard Harry Andersen and Jane Kay Stevens -- 56 years Hans Christian Jorgensen and Rosa Charlotte Johanna Schultz -- 61 years Hans Herman Sorensen and Alice Marie Christensen -- 62 years Hans Jensen and Maren Pedersdatter -- 58 years Hans Larsen and Margrethe Pedersen -- 60 years Hans Nielsen and Karen Jacobine Twenstrup -- 75+ years Hans Peter Kristian Hansen and Dora Kathrine Nelsen -- 56 years Henry Peter Jensen and Clara Margaret Nelson -- 60 years Immanuel Nielsen and Viola Johnson -- 59 years