The stories of the immigrants, some happy, some sad, and all of them fascinating, are told here through pictures and documents from the everyday life and special occasions of Danish immigrants to America.

Each year the Museum of Danish America's Genealogy Center displays a photo exhibit in the lobby. These have now been made available online in Viewed Through the Lens: Visual Resources. Among the many interesting exhibitions are G is for Generations, In Service to County, New and Old and Immigrant Babes! All exhibits here were on view between 2004 and 2011. The photographs came from museum members and the Genealogy Center collection.

Another exciting new category is Primary Sources, in which we show you not only original documents found in our collections, such as marriage or birth certificates, but also how to use them as research tools.

Viewed Through the Lens: Visual Resources is both a teaching aid and an online exhibition on its own, showcasing many of the fascinating image resources in the collections of the Museum and, most especially, of the Genealogy Center.