Danish Museum Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Museum of Danish America provides oversight to the staff and assists in developing ideas and plans that contribute to the museum’s continuing vitality. Board members participate at their own expense and receive no reimbursements.

The Board of Directors is limited to 25 members. Terms of service are for three years, with the possibility of re-election to a second term. Three years must pass before a member can again be considered for board membership. Several ex-officio members have continued to provide expertise, although they normally do not attend meetings nor do they vote on issues. The Board’s Nominations Committee strives for regional representation, gender balance, and diversity of expertise.

The Board of Directors meets three times a year. The annual meeting is held in Elk Horn, Iowa, during the third weekend in October. Normally, the Board meets each February and June in different locations around the United States to cultivate interest in the museum’s mission.  Due to the pandemic, the June and October 2020 board meetings took place on a virtual platform.

Without the dedication, energy, and support of a strong team-oriented Board of Directors, the staff of the museum would not be able to work effectively in managing day-to-day operations of the Museum of Danish America.

A complete list of former board members and their years of service can be found here.

Executive Members

  • President

    Beth Bro-Roof Cedar Rapids, IA

  • Vice President

    Pete West Denver, CO

  • Secretary

    Toni McLeod Mesa, AZ

  • Treasurer

    Karen Suchomel West Branch, IA

Board Members

  • Anders Sand Kansas City, MO

  • Carl Steffensen Houston, TX

  • Carol Bassoni Gilroy, CA

  • Carol Svendsen Denver, CO

  • Chris Kofoed West Branch, IA

  • Connie Hanson Glendora, CA

  • Dan Jensen Columbus, OH

  • David Esbeck San Diego, CA

  • David Hendee Northfield, MN

  • Dennis Gray Winston-Salem, NC

  • Elly Jorgensen Prairie Village, KS

  • Eric Olesen Racine, WI

  • Gerry Henningsen Monument, CO

  • Glenn Henriksen Armstrong, IA

  • Karen Nielsen Overland Park, KS

  • Lars Matthiesen Edmonds, WA

  • Marnie Jensen Nebraska City, NE

  • Merlyn Knudsen Elk Horn, IA

  • Mike Nielsen Altoona, IA

  • Peder Hansen Omaha, NE

  • Randy Ruggaard Hudson, OH


  • Dennis Larson Decorah, IA

  • John Mark Nielsen Blair, NE

  • Nils Jensen Portland, OR