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Baptismal Gown Made by Marie Sofie Dam Christensen Askov, Minnesota, 1911 Cotton and embroidery 1994.030.001 - Gift of Agnete Christensen Heldt

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This baptismal gown were made in 1911 before being used for the first time at the baptism of the donor, Agneta Christensen Heldt, in December of that year at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Askov, Minnesota. It was worn for the baptism of all seven children of Thomas Peter and Marie Sofie Dam Christensen. According to the family, by the time the youngest child was baptised at home in 1925, Marie was "too shy to bring a baby to church in such an old-fashioned christening robe." However, the gown stayed in the family until is was donated to the museum in 1994.

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