Cabinet Sewing Machine

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Sewing machine Made circa 1921 Wood, metal, paint and rope 1993.108.001 - Gift of Dan and Alta Petersen

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This cabinet sewing machine belonged to Dan Petersen’s mother, Mathilda Petersen. She received it as a wedding gift in 1921 when she married Iver. To operate the sewing machine, the lid of the cabinet opens to give access to the sewing mechanism and foot pedals. The metal sewing machine has “Husvennen” (The Friend of the House) printed on the front. The Norwegian newspaper Decorah-Posten, which was based in Decorah, Iowa, teamed up with a sewing machine manufacturer to sell machines under the name “Husvennen”. When you ordered a year-long subscription to the newspaper, you could receive a special price on a “Husvennen” sewing machine. For many years women referred to the sewing machine as “the Decorah-Posten sewing machine.”

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