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Child's Folk Costume Made by Mrs. Anders Hansen, Elk Horn, Iowa Satin and Ribbon 1993.066.001 a, b and .002 Gift of Alice Hansen (Mrs. Howard Sorensen)

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This folk costume was worn by Alice Hansen, on April 20, 1939, when Crown Prince Frederick and his wife Crown Princess Ingrid visited Atlantic, Iowa. Two girls from Elk Horn, Alice Hansen and Priscilla Jacobsen, had been selected to present a bouquet of roses to the royal couple. They were probably selected because they could speak Danish. The royal couple was traveling from Omaha, Nebraska, to Des Moines, Iowa, by motorcade and had made Atlantic one of their stops on the way due to the large number of Danish Americans living in the area. People from all of the surrounding communities flocked to Atlantic to get a glimpse of the royal visitors. The Atlantic high school band played the Danish national anthem and the Crown Prince addressed the crowd in both Danish and English. 

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