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Danish Creamery pin Made in China, for Danish Creamery, California, USA Metal and Enamel 2003.062.001 - Gift of James Bright

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Pin made to celebrate Danish Creamery 100 year jubilee in 1995. 

In 1895, a group of Danish immigrants led by Hans Graff formed the Danish Creamery Company in Fresno California. They wished to make a dairy cooperative similar to the ones in Denmark. After some early troubles about how many shares and votes people could have, the company found its feet in 1910 and began to grow. They joined Challenge Dairy Products in 1911 and with time they grew to own more than 80 percent of Challenge Dairy Products. In 1999 they successfully merge with San Joaquin Valley Dairymen and California Milk Producers forming California Dairies, Inc. They now produce 9 percent of the milk in the United States. 

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