Dannebrog Pillow Cover

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Dannebrog Pillow Cover Made by Agnes Andersen Ostenfeldt Skow Denmark, c 1913 Wool/Embroidery Tread 1990.105.003 - Gift of Harold C. Skow

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Agnes Andersen Osetenfeldt Skow made this pillow cover for her sweetheart, Christian Andersen Skow, who had left Denmark for Emmetsborg, Iowa. He sent for her a year later and they got married in 1914. 

Christian Andersen Skow was born in 1892 in Fredericia, Denmark. His father Jørgen Andersen was a builder and owned apartments and stores in Fredericia. Christian was a master mason and bricklayer and was studying to become an architect. He was asked by his brother Julius to come to America to join him. Christian went and started a company in Emmetsburg, Iowa, together with Julius. They built Lutheran and Catholic schools and churches in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and South Dakota. He married Agnes, his love from Denmark and they had a son Harold and a daughter who passed away shortly after her birth. In 1923, came Christian’s younger brother Emil also came to America. Christian and Emil and with their wives moved to Miami, Florida, where Christian started a construction company and Emil lived as an artist and decorator.

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