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Elephant Designed by Kay Bojesen, 1953 Wood (Oak) 1987.143.073 - Gift of Olga Olsen

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A to Z to A Artwork Danish Heritage

This wooden Elephant is part of a series of wooden toy designed in 1950’s by the famous Danish designer Kay Bojesen. While his most famous toy was a wooden monkey, this elephant is a great example of the style he used for his wooden toys. The most notable features are the movable limbs, which are typical for his design. Kay Bojesen started out as a silversmith apprentice of Georg Jensen and finished there in 1910. Bojesen had a design that was in contrast to his time. He loved the pure profile and tension in design. In 1930’s he began to work in other materials and fell in love with wood. He designed a variety of wooden animals and wooden royal guards. 

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