Pondus Penguin Bank

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Pondus Penguin Bank Plastic and felt 2006.061.014 - Gift of Rita Neergaard Hansen

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This Penguin bank is inspired by the penguin Pondus, who is a character in a series of children books by Ivar Myrhøj. Ivar Myhøj got the idea after a photo shoot in Copenhagen Zoo, where he had put a red scarf on a King Penguin.

In 1967 Landmandsbanken, later Dansk Bank, launched a new approach to marketing. One of the new approaches was a program for children. They chose the penguin Pondus as the new face of the Bank. It was an instant success. In less than six months 300,000 had joined the new Pondus Club. Every member got a laminated card, a Pondus penguin bank, and every month they received a copy of the Pondus Post. Since the launch of Landmandsbankens penguin bank, all banks that wished children as costumers had to have their own mascot bank.

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