Porcelain by Royal Copenhagen

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Porcelain by Royal Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark Cup, saucer and cream pitcher, 1960 – 19611993.142.017, .013 - Gift of Alice Dorothea Jensen Plate, 19521988.001.059 - Gift of Olga Olsen Coffeepot, 1889 – 1922 1996.035.005 - Gift of Joslyn Art Museum

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Royal Copenhagen is the oldest and most traditional manufacturer of porcelain in Denmark. It was started in 1775 with the support of the Danish royal family. This pattern, called Blue Fluted Half Lace (Blå Musselmalet Halvblonde), was designed by Arnold Krog in the 1880s. Krog based it on an earlier pattern that goes back to the founding of the company. Blue Fluted Half Lace is still produced today.

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