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Suitcase Made in Denmark, 1950s Wood, metal, leather and paper 2006.062.018a - Gift of Carlo Christensen

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Carlo Christensen purchased this suitcase together with a ticket to America in Svendborg, Denmark. He took off on the M/S Oslofjord from the Free Harbor in Copenhagen on November 6, 1955. The ship made a stop in Kristiansand, Norway, to pick up a few more passengers. He arrived in New York on November 14. Carlo Christensen made his way across America to California with stops in Iowa and Nebraska.

The M/S Oslofjord that Carlo sailed with to America was made in 1949 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the Norwegian America Line. It brought Scandinavians across the ocean until 1967 when it was chartered to different shipping lines. The ship caught fire and went down off the coast of the Canary Islands in 1969.

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