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Tapestry Made by Grete Schioler Dayton, Ohio Wool, linen and muslin 2011.017.001 - Gift of the artist

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Artist Grete Schioler wove this rune tapestry with hand-spun natural wool. The runes in the center tell a story from the 11th century about a man who traveled south to Jerusalem and died in Greece. The runes in the bottom say: “Ole and Grete Schioler came to the United States in 1951. Thank you America!”

Grete Schioler and her husband came to America and settled in Ohio in 1951. Grete had studied fashion design in Denmark. When she came to America she began to study weaving and other textile techniques. Today you can find her work in many public buildings and private collections. Her work was exhibited at The Danish Immigrant Museum in 2011 as part of the Danish-American Artist Series.  

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