Anne Marie Carstensen Juel

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Anna Marie Carstensen Juel (1848-1942).

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A Smorgasbord of Danish Immigrants

Anna Marie Carstensen Juel (1848-1942) was born in Hellevad parish in Aabenraa County. She came to America in 1892 with seven children after the death of her miller husband, Niels Christian Juel of dust pneumonia. The family's eldest daughter, Nicoline, had come to Iowa the preceding year. While aboard ship Anne Marie's youngest daughter, Gunder Marie, contracted pneumonia and was so weak when they arrived at Ellis Island that she was unable to walk. Her mother carried her while the family went through the obligatory health inspection. When asked why she was carrying such a large girl, Anne Marie said that her daughter was merely afraid, and the family passed through as healthy. They then traveled by train from New York to Marne, Iowa, and took up residence at the home of Anna Marie’s brother, Nicolai Carstensen, south of Elk Horn.

Anna Marie lived in America for nearly a half century before her death in 1942. The lower photograph shows the family mill and home in Skovbølling, Denmark.