Art by Gert Mathiesen

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Gert Mathiesen (1951-2013) first came to the United States in 1986 seeking adventure and soon after began working as a potter in Martha’s Vineyard. He traveled often throughout the U.S., Europe and South America, and soon branched out from ceramics to the world of mixed media painting and printmaking. Mathiesen spent most of his later years working in New York City. Using linoleum, woodcut, paint and monoprinting techniques in very distinctive ways, Gert produced a large quantity of unique and very powerful pieces of art in his own very distinguished voice .

Mathiesen’s art reflects his life: always maintaining references to his Viking roots and Danish heritage, his expressionistic vocabulary expanded and grew to embrace many different cultures and his appeal is universal.


Download the exhibit's accompanying coloring sheets here.

  • Egyptian Series: Orange, Maroon, Blue

  • Rust Tree of Life

  • Blue Floral

  • Multi-Colored Tigers and Flowers