Balancing Act

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Though the photographs in "Balancing Act" appear to defy gravity, they are indeed the product of concentration and a little bit of luck.  With the backdrop of the Lake Superior shoreline, Peter Juhl manages to create temporary sculptures of stacked stones and capture them through photography.

"Drawing on elements of performance art, sculpture, and meditation, I balance natural stones found on location, using only shape, weight, and friction to create a unique composition. No glue, metal rods, magnets, or any artificial supports are employed: The rocks are held up by nothing more than high-school physics and a little karma. The sculptures may last a few minutes, or a few hours. With luck, they stand long enough to be photographed." Peter Juhl,




  • "Family of Seven" by Peter Juhl

  • "Two's Company" by Peter Juhl

  • "Which Way Is Up" by Peter Juhl