Kings, Queens, and Commoners: Portraits from the Permanent Collection

This exhibit is no longer on display.

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If you had to choose one image of yourself to last for hundreds of years, what would that portrait look like?

In the days before photography, portraits were available only to the most elite members of society: kings, queens, and aristocrats.  These powerful individuals were very careful about how they presented themselves - from the clothes they wore, to what they held in their hands, to what might be staged in the background. 

Today we are more accustomed to informal snapshots.  But the power of a good portrait can still convey an individual's personality and tell us something about their life.  

In this exhibition, enjoy meeting the individuals captured in portraits in the museum's art collection - from the Danish royal family to the diversity of people who contributed to Danish and Danish-American society.  

This virtual tour of Kings, Queens, and Commoners is sponsored by Dennis Andersen.