New Nordic Cuisine

Coming Jun 22, 2019 - Dec 31, 2022

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The Museum of Danish America is developing a national traveling exhibition called “New Nordic Cuisine.” We are looking forward to bringing the story of Nordic food culture in the 21st century to museums and communities across the country – from Seattle to Philadelphia and several locations in the Midwest. This exhibit will be interactive for visitors of all ages. It will encourage visitors to consider how their personal values are reflected in the food choices they make in their own lives.

In addition, we are launching an accompanying Nordic Food online video channel that will bring Nordic food stories to people wherever they are. This video channel will include content about Nordic food traditions and “New Nordic” inspired food stories, from recipe demonstrations to restaurant tours, to interviews with influential chefs and food writers. New videos will be uploaded throughout the tour of the exhibit (2019-2022 and beyond), keeping the video channel fresh and engaging.

My colleagues and I are happy to answer any questions you may have about the project, the audience, and opportunities for support.

With thanks,

Tova Brandt, M.A.
Albert Ravenholt Curator of
Danish-American Culture