Nordic Light: Paintings by Hanne Stovring

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Washes of blues and greens swim across the canvas. Human forms are anonymous in their features, yet universal in their emotions. In one painting, sunshine and misty clouds seem to co-exist. In another, bold reds and yellows pulse with the energy of urban life.

These are the works of Hanne Støvring, a Danish artist currently living in working in New York City. Born in 1978, her creative roots are on the island of Bornholm, where her studio has been located for many years. But her work with the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst or SMK) took her to New York, where she directs the American Friends of SMK. Her work within the art world still leaves time for her own artistic creation, and New York City has provided a new influence in the character of her art.

“The pearl of the Baltic Sea - Bornholm - is the home of my inspiration, my stroke and my special light. Summer after summer, I have been sitting on the rocks, the grass, by the sea, in the sand...but most of all in my studio in Gudhjem. Now my studio is in New York – but I still paint life stories, relations and moods in the light of the sun, the moon and the stars… and the city. Human figures move in and out of my canvasses... large, small, young and old - everyone tells the stories and is a part of the Nordic senses and my Danish culture.” – Hanne Støvring

A variety of Hanne’s works will be on view at the Museum of Danish America, both those created in the Nordic sunlight and those reflecting a metropolitan flair. 


Experience the art on a deeper level with the help of an ambient playlist by Nicolaj Stengaard Jensen:


  • "Don't go where the path may lead - go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

  • "Vibrant Crepuscule"

  • "What you want is out there - go for it"

  • "You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory"