The Fabric of our Nation: Art Quilts and Immigrant Stories

Coming November 24, 2023

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Quilts are often much more than simple pieces of cloth stitched together. For those who make them, they represent hours of time, thought, and labor. For those who admire them, every element tells a story – from the fabric used to the techniques present to the final design. From Danish immigration to the United States, to the people who come to America by crossing the southern border, to the Hmong people who came as refugees from Southeast Asia, explore quilting traditions that represent three different immigration stories.

Although the method by which people have arrived in America may differ, the stories behind them remain important, compelling, and a reminder of America’s enduring reputation as a land of opportunity.

Some of the quilts featured in the show are from the Migrant Quilt Project. Learn more about it here. These quilts will be on display at venues across Iowa from 2023-2024.