Arnold Anderson & Leona Gregersen

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Arnold Anderson & Leona Gregersen.

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Orange Blossoms and Lace

Arnold Anderson & Leona Gregersen were married on November 11, 1921, at the Greger Gregersen home in Hansen Heights in Audubon County, Iowa, by Rev. Bing. They met when Arnold came from Omaha to visit two of his former WWI buddies. Their marriage took place on Armistice Day. Arnold set out from Omaha by car with his wedding party, but the vehicle broke down near Weston, Iowa. After searching in vain for a mechanic working on a holiday, an SOS was sent to Elk Horn, and the groom’s party was rescued by a large automobile driven by Hans P. Petersen. A Purple Heart recipient, Arnold’s right arm was shorter due to his war wounds.

  • Photograph courtesy of Sylvia Anderson Hurley.