Hans Hansen and his Family

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Hans Hansen & Maren Jensen.

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Hans Hansen, born in Løjt in Aabenraa County in southern Jutland, came to the U.S. in 1891. After becoming an American citizen he returned to Denmark and brought back Maren Jensen. They were married in the Danish Lutheran Church in Brooklyn NY, on March 10, 1898, and then traveled to near Voorhies, Iowa, where they eventually purchased a farm and raised 11 children. This 1909 picture shows them with (back) Marie, 7; George, 10 1/2, Amos, 9; Peter, 5 ½ (in between parents); (front) Toby, 3 ½; Margaret, 2; and Hellene, 10 days old.
By 1918 their family was complete. In back: Amos, George, Marie, and Peter; center row: Toby, Margaret, Hans, Hellene, Maren; in front: John (standing), Bill and Sophie (seated).

In 1920 Maren returned to Denmark to visit her family and a multi-generation photograph was taken. Seated are Maren’s sister Marie; her mother, Kirsten Marie Jensen, Maren Jensen, sister-in-law Kirstine Jensen with her children, Jacob, Rasmus and Ingrid Jensen. Standing: Maren’s sister Karoline and husband, Jens Sørensen; brother Thorvald Jensen; brother Peter Jensen holding son, Jens Christian, and brother Julius Jensen. When Maren returned to the US she was accompanied by her brother Thorvald to join sisters Anna and Bergitte, who also had emigrated.

Hans and Maren’s family at the time of their 50th wedding anniversary in 1948. By that time the huge Hansen clan had expanded to include 26 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

  • The Hansen family in 1909. Photograph courtesy of JoAnn Johnson.

  • The Hansen Family in 1918. Photograph courtesy of JoAnn Johnson.

  • The Hansen Family in 1920. Photograph courtesy of JoAnn Johnson.

  • The Hansen Family in 1948. Photograph courtesy of JoAnn Johnson.