Harlan, Iowa

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Harlan, Iowa.

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There's No Place Like Home

Dr. James Bisgard had this home built on East Durant Street in Harlan in 1909. It was constructed by Larsen Bros., a firm of Danish-born carpenters. Dr. Bisgard and his wife, Mary Mortensen, raised three children here. The building functioned as both residence and physician’s office. Dr. Bisgard’s two sons, Dr. James Dewey Bisgard and Dr. Carl Valdemar Bisgaard, were also physicians and initially shared a practice with their father. Earlier photos of the house clearly show a semi-circular sign reading “Dr. Bisgard” in the dark triangular façade of the porch. The present residents are Harlan and Clara Simonds.

  • Photograph courtesy of Harlan & Clara Simonds.