Karsminde - Kimballton

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Karsminde - Kimballton.

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There's No Place Like Home

These two farms in Karsminde in Hjallerup parish in Hjørring County were the childhood homes of Jensine “Sine” and Simon Petersen and their eight siblings. Simon came to the U.S. in 1892. Sine married Senius Petersen. Senius emigrated alone in 1905, followed by Sine and the couple’s two small children the next year.

Simon Petersen settled west of Redline, Iowa. He later provided a home for his youngest sibling, Alma. His home was partly destroyed by a tornado in March of 1913. Sine and Senius Petersen first resided on a farm north of Jacksonville, Iowa, and later moved to this farm home west of Kimballton.

  • Karsminde. Photograph courtesy of Lyle & Wava Petersen.

  • Photograph courtesy of Lyle & Wava Petersen.