The Lars Kloster Madsen Family

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Lars and Kirsten Christine (Christensen) Madsen.

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G is for Generations

Standing in front of their farmhouse near Brookings, South Dakota, are members of the Lars and Kirsten Christine (Christensen) Madsen family, who arrived there from Sennels, Denmark in 1878. From left: Carlotta “Lottie” Madsen (1887-1969), daughter of Lars’ and Kirsten’s son, Christ Lars Madsen; Lars Kloster Madsen (1831-1917), another early South Dakota immigrant, Jørgen Jehanse Damm, who married daughter Madsine Madsen; and Otto Madsen (1876-1961), who came over as a child and lived on the family homestead until his death. An unidentified person stands to the right.

  • The Madsen Family. Photograph courtesy of Wendy J. Allen.